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The Brockway Area Historical Society has a database of notable events, such as weddings and deaths, that were published in the Brockway Record since its inception January 8, 1887 to its closure August 5, 1992.

When the papers were microfilmed, some issues were missing in whole or in part, and there were two periods when no papers were published. Several years after microfilming, a few papers were found which had not been microfilmed. Appropriate articles were extracted from these issues and placed in "Family Name Folders" at the Brockway Area Historical Society museum.

Although our microfilm archive is not totally complete, most editions printed prior to 10/5/1998 are available to obtain complete articles. Our microfilm has now been digitized in a Word searchable format and is available at the Taylor Memorial Museum along with the microfilm version. These archives also contain editions from 10/5/1988 to 8/5/1992. After searching this database, you may request a copy of the complete article referenced in the database by mail, email (, or visit the museum to access the Brockway Record on-site.

Acknowledgements go to Ronald Jones Stewart for his extensive efforts in compiling this index, and to Harry J. Charlesen, who provided computer assistance during the gathering of this data.

Copies of the full articles referenced in the "Results" are available by mail or email at $5.00 per researched name/article.

This database is indexed by family last name. To search our database, use your web browser's Find In Page search (Ctrl-F in most Windows browsers), type the person's name in the search box and click on Search button. (The text is not case-sensitive.)
To Find text in page with Mozilla Firefox, use Ctrl-F, type name you are searching for, you can set "highlight all" to highlight all names that the search finds. Use up/down arrows to navigate to next selection.

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