Honoring the Service and Sacrifice of our Veterans
Brockway Area Historical Society
"The Brockway Area Historical Society in partnership with the American Legion Post # 95 is honoring local veterans.  Any local living veteran that would like to be included may fill out both the release form and information sheet and mail to us. 
We also welcome any photos, obituaries, or articles (email preferred- brockwayhistory@windstream.net) written by family members of the deceased veterans. Additions/corrections are appreciated."

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NameBranch of ServiceRank Birth-DeathConflict ServedBurialOther
, Robert   1925-2012WW IIWildwood-Sec B 
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Abrini, Enos W.Navy  1928-1997Korean WarWildwood-Sec B 
Adair, James R.Marine CorpMajor 1934-2005Korean WarWildwood-Sec B 
Adamyak, Andrew J.ArmyCpl 1906-1988WW IISt. Tobias-Veteran's Plot 
Adams, John Pvt 1838-1925Civil WarWildwood-Sec A 
Adams, Malcolm D.ArmyE8 1938-1978VietnamWildwood- Sec D 
Adams, Michael G.   1897-1984WW IISt. Tobias-Sec New 
Adamyak, Thomas S Sgt 1916-1944WW IISt. Tobias-Sec A 
Aho, Robert E.   1926-2002WW IIWildwood-Sec B 
Aiello, James A.   1912-2000WW IISt. Tobias-Sec A 
Airgood, Blaine   1923-1992WW IIBrandy Camp 
Albaugh, Allen R.   1926-1975WW IIWildwood- Sec D 
Albrigo, Andrew P.   1902-1982WW IIHoly Cross-Above Road 
Allen, Marvin   -1885Civil WarWildwood-Sec B 
Alove, Anthony J.   1903-1981WW IISt. Tobias-Sec A 
Amitrone, Angelo "Pitch"ArmySgt 1923-2005WW IISt. Tobias-Sec New 
Amitrone, John   1895-1971WW ISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Amitrone, William S Sgt 1928-2009WW IISt. Tobias-Sec A 
Andelo, Joseph A. Sgt 1890-1962WW ISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Anderson, Alfred R.   1904-1982WW IIWildwood- Sec D 
Anderson, Alvin A.Marine Corp Sergeant 1929-1998Korean WarBrandy Camp 
Anderson, Arthur   1892-1982WW IWildwood- Sec C 
Anderson, Berger   1860-1931WW IWildwood- Sec D 
Anderson, Carl R.   1893-1968WW IWildwood- Sec C 
Anderson, Donald C.Army  1935-1999Korean WarBrandy Camp 
Anderson, Elmer L.   1929-2012Korean WarBrockport-Below Road 
Anderson, James E. PFC 1976th Truck Co 1916-1976WW IIBeechtree 
Anderson, Paul B.   1906-1988WW IWildwood- Sec D 
Anderson, Paul L.Army  1947-1979VietnamWildwood- Sec C 
Anderson, Thomas   1867-1909Civil WarBrockport-AboveRd Right 
Anderson, Vernon L.Army  1931-2007WW IIWildwood- Sec D 
Anderson, Victor L.   1922-2012Korean WarBrockport-Below Road 
Andrews, John F.   1837-1930Civil WarWildwood- Sec C 
Antonio, David   1934-1998PeacetimeSt. Tobias-Sec New 
Archibald, Fred Co D 325th Inf 1890-1953WW IWildwood- Sec C 
Archibald, Willis G. PFC HQ Co 1st BN 394th Inf 1912-1959WW IIBeechtree 
Arnold, John    1871-1920Spanish American-CubaBrockport-Below Road 
Arnold, Joseph   1896-1980WW IIBrandy Camp 
Atwell, Terrell R.Army  6/25/1937- 5/7/2017KoreanBeechwoods 
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Baka, Edward J.Army  1921-2005WW IISt. Tobias-Sec A 
Baka, Francis   1917-2003WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Baka, John F. PFC 1922-1969WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Baka, Joseph J.Army  1912-1984WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Baka, Kenneth   1943-2010VietnamSt. Tobias-Sec C 
Baka, Leo J.Navy  1926-1984WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Baka, Thomas E.Army  4/9/1934- 1/5/2017PeacetimeSt. Tobias1956-1958 Germany
Baka, William C.   1924-1921WW IISt. Tobias-Sec A 
Banal, JosephNavySeaman 1918-1970WW IIHoly Cross-Above Road 
Barber, Lloyd R.Navy  1928-1995WW IIWildwood-Soldier Circle 
Barefield, Fred E.Army  9/9/1946- 2/26/2016VietnamSt. TobiasStationed at Panama Canal
Barr, AdamNavy  1889-1958WW IBrandy Camp 
Barr, John   1935-1970Korean WarBrandy Camp 
Barr, Thomas A.Navy Reserves  1926-1956WW IIBrandy Camp 
Barraclough, Clarence   1931-2008Korean WarBeechtree 
Barraclough, Clayton W.Air Force  1925-2004WW IIBeechtree 
Barraclough, Thomas E. Pvt Inf 1914-1944WW IIBeechtree 
Barrett, David   1866-1908Spanish American-CubaBrockport-AboveRd Left 
Bassetti, Alfred VArmy  1920-2008WW IISt. Tobias-Sec New 
Batson, Donald ANavy  1932-2008Korean WarWildwood- Sec C 
Battitorio, LevioArmy  1913-1979WW IIHoly Cross-Above Road 
Beane, Bernard OAir ForcePFC  1914-1963WW IIWildwood- Sec C 
Beltz, Albert G.   1906-1992WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Benasutti, Tullio D.   1918-2003WW IIHoly Cross-Above Road 
Bender, Donald F.Army   WW IIHoly Cross-Above Road 
Bender, George B.   1891-1981WW ISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Benigni, Dante   1894-1938WW IHoly Cross-Above Road 
Bennett, Dale M.Air Force   Korean WarMountain Church 
Bennett, James Pvt 1846-1890Civil WarMountain Church 
Bennett, KeithAir Force  1927-2008WW IBrandy Camp 
Bennett, Lloyd Cpl 1918-1948WW IIMountain Church 
Bennett, Paul R.   1927-2008WW IIMountain Church 
Bennett, Ralph L. S Sgt E6 1912-1981WW IIWildwood- Sec C 
Benson, David   1917-1993WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Benson, Emil G. 103 Fld Art 1858-1928WW IWildwood- Sec C 
Benson, Robert R.US Army Air Corps PFC7/28/1924- 6/13/2016WW II  
Berardi, JohnArmy  1909-1986WW IISt. Tobias-Sec A 
Berardi, Mario PFC 1912-1974WW IISt. Tobias-Sec A 
Bianchi, John G.   1915-1965WW IIHoly Cross-Above Road 
Bianco Jr., Frank J.Navy  1935-1984Korean WarSt. Tobias-Sec C 
Bickmire, Walter W.Air Force  1920-2000WW IIMountain Church 
Billingsley, Edwin W.   1915-1983WW IIWildwood-Sec B 
Billingsley, Glenn R.Air Force2nd Lt.  WW IIShot down in Germany- at rest 
Binney, Clarence L.   1914-1982WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Bish, Galen F.   1894-1983WW IBrandy Camp 
Bish, Maynard G.   1920-2000WW IIMountain Church 
Bish, Russell A. Pvt 1893-1961WW ISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Biss, Edward B.   1912-1994WW IISt. Tobias-Sec A 
Bliss, Andrew GlennArmyPvt 1894-1985WW IWildwood- Sec C 
Bliss, Clinton A.   1921-1942WW IIWildwood-Soldier Circle 
Bloom, James G.Army  1919-1984WW IIWildwood- Sec D 
Bloom, Paul S.Army  1908-1991WW IIWildwood-Sec B 
Bodnovich, BernardArmy  1918-1978WW IISt. Tobias-Sec A 
Bodnovich, Michael   1893-1988WW IISt. Tobias-Sec A 
Bogle, Eagle R.ArmyPFC 1927-2000Korean WarMountain Church 
Bona, Quinto   1918-1982WW IIHoly Cross-Above Road 
Bonavita, ArthurArmy  1911-1994WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Boschini, Frank J.   1911-1976WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Boschini, Roosevelt T.   1915-2003WW II, KoreanSt. Tobias-Sec B 
Bovaird, Keith A.Army  7/06/1920- 6/11/2005 Beechwoods 
Bovaird Richard W.Navy  1947-1969 Beechwoods 
Bovaird, Wayne H.ArmyEngineer Corps 2/08/1919- 2/08/2008 Beechwoods 
Bowdish, Geoff   -1896Civil WarWildwood-Sec B 
Bowdish, James P.    WW IWildwood-Sec A 
Bowdish, Joseph 105th Pa Inf  Civil WarWildwood-Sec B 
Bower, John E.Army  1927-1987WW IIBeechtree 
Bower, Robert E PFC 1924-1976WW IIWildwood- Sec C 
Boyce, Edward T Pvt 104th TC USA  WW IISugar Hill 
Boyd, J MO Co B  Civil WarWildwood-Soldier Circle 
Boyer, Curtis   1879-1960WW IWildwood-Soldier Circle 
Boyer, Philip   1845-1896Civil WarWildwood- Sec C 
Boyington, Lewis   -1901Civil WarBrockport-Below Road 
Boyle, James A   1929-1991WW IISt. Tobias-Sec New 
Boyle, William RArmy  1920-1988WW IIBrockport-Below Road 
Brenna, Amadeo L   1916-1987WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Brenton, John   1878-1962WW ISt. Tobias-Sec A 
Briggs Jr, William I   1920-2010WW IIHoly Cross-Above Road 
Briggs, Co H  Civil WarWildwood-Sec A 
Briggs, Clayton W   1909-1998WW IIWildwood- Sec D 
Briggs, Milton ANavy  1912-1986WW IIWildwood-Sec B 
Britton, George J Co H 105th Pa Vol 1840-1916Civil WarWildwood- Sec C 
Britton, James B.Army Reserve  3/28/1942- 9/17/2015 Beechwoods 
Brocious, Rotha D   1911-1993WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Brockway, Chauncey   1823-1910Civil WarBrandy Camp 
Brockway, Consider   1762-1847Revolutionary WarPioneer- Horton Twp-Elk Cty 
Brockway, Nicholas Capt  1829-1930Civil WarWildwood- Sec C 
Brosky, Daniel F.Marine Corp  2001VietnamSt. Tobias-Sec B 
Brosky, Joseph A.Army  3/15/1928- 11/20/2016Korean WarSt. TobiasMilitary Police
Brown, Albert   1828-1936Civil WarBrandy Camp 
Brown, Raymond    1912-WW IIBrandy Camp 
Brownley, W.J. 100th NY Inf  Civil WarWildwood-Sec B 
Brownley, William J   1915-1975WW IIWildwood- Sec C 
Brubaker, Dennis R   1943-1997PeacetimeWildwood- Sec C 
Brumberg, John F.   1850-1930Spanish American-CubaWildwood- Sec C 
Bruno, Joseph AnthonyUS Navy  5/24/1924- 11/4/2016WW IISt. TobiasUSS New Mexico in South Pacific
Bruno, TonyArmy  1894-1982WW ISt. TobiasWildcat Division
Bryant, Bryant H   1837-1921Civil WarWildwood- Sec C 
Bryant, Edward   1925-2006WW IIBrandy Camp 
Buffone MD, DavidArmy  1939-2005VietnamSt. Tobias-Sec New 
Buffone, Joseph J.   1918-2001WW IISt. Tobias-Sec A 
Buggy, John J.Air Force  1915-1995WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Bulck, John R.Navy  1912-1982WW IIWildwood-Sec A 
Bundy, Kenneth A.Army  8/7/1922- 6/2/2015WW IIMorningsideNormandy Inv./Battle of the Bulge
Bundy, Merle E.   1927-2008WW IIMountain Church 
Burchfield, Herbert   1919-2000WW IIBrockport-AboveRd Left 
Burdick, Nathan F.   1918-1988WW IIWildwood- Sec C 
Burgoon, James L.ArmySgt  WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Busatto, Donald A. Sgt 1947-2007VietnamSt. Tobias-Sec New 
Buskirk, Robert J.   1921-1998WW IIWildwood- Sec D 
Buterbaugh, William J.Army  8/14/1934- 10/16/2015KoreanBeechtree 
Butterbaugh, Millard R. T5 HQ QH DRT 1913-1945WW IIBeechtree 
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Calhoun, Donald Slawson   1926-1977WW IIWildwood- Sec C 
Camuso, Francis F.   1923-2007WW IISt. Tobias-Sec New 
Caracciolo, Samuel J.Army  1926-1997WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Carlini, DennisNavy  1943-2011VietnamSt. Tobias-Sec B 
Carlini, Michael   1922-1964WW IIHoly Cross-Above Road 
Carlson, John Edward, Sr.Army  5/24/1936- 12/26/2015Vietnam  
Carnahan, Dale Cuffy   1935-2000PeacetimeBeechtree 
Carnesali, EdwardArmy  1929-1997Korean WarSt. Tobias-Sec New 
Carnesali, EdwardArmyPFC 1940-1963PeacetimeSt. Tobias-Veteran's Plot 
Cartwright, RalphAir Force  1934-1999Korean WarSt. Tobias-Sec New 
Caruso, Tony   1914-1973WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Castiglione, Samuel SArmy  1921-2006WW IISt. Tobias-Sec New 
Cavalier, Andrew W.Navy  1925-2008WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Cavalier, Urban A. PFC -1944WW IISt. Tobias-Sec CKIA
Cazzolli, NerinoArmy  1913-1991WW IISt. Tobias-Sec A 
Cazzolli, Remo T5 1918-1980WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Cenni Jr., Louie J.   1917-2011WW IIHoly Cross-Above Road 
Cenni, Ray Cpl 1913-1987WW IIHoly Cross-Above Road 
Charles,    1937-2010PeacetimeSt. Tobias-Sec New 
Charnisky, FrankArmyT4 1910-2004WW IIMountain Church 
Cherubini, FrankArmy  1917-1997WW IIHoly Cross-Above Road 
Cherubini, Henry   1919-2002WW IIHoly Cross-Below Road 
Chilelli, Alfred   1920-2004WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Chilelli, AnthonyArmy AEF  1881-1983WW ISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Cilladi, Sylvio   1926-2012WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Clark, Frederick CharlesArmy  1917-2000WW IICremated, Ashes scattered in Brandy Camp, PA 
Clark, Joe    Civil WarHaffners-Snyder Twp 
Clark, Joel    Civil WarHaffners-Snyder Twp 
Clark, Joel   -1814Revolutionary WarWildwood-Sec B ?? 
Clark, Joseph H.   1925-1994WW IIWildwood- Sec D 
Clark, Stanley E.   1929-1990Korean WarWildwood-Soldier Circle 
Clark, Tracy   1892-1965WW IMountain Church 
Coder Jr., Arthur A., Jr.Army  5/6/1947- 11/6/2015VietnamBeechtreeServed 20 years
Coder Jr., Raymond W.   1948-1999VietnamWildwood-Sec B 
Coder Sr., Harold V.Army  1927-1991WW IIBrockport-Below Road 
Coder, Bernard D.Navy  1925-1964WW IIBrockport-AboveRd Left 
Coder, James Pvt 1836-1896Civil WarWildwood-Sec A 
Coder, Raymond H.   1921-1990WW IIBeechtree 
Coder, Ronald N. PFC 1924-1965WW IIHoly Cross-Below Road 
Coder, WadeArmy  1929-2015Korean WarBrockport 
Coder, Wayne C.Army  1927-1978Korean WarBrockport-AboveRd Left 
Collins, Harold J. "Wimpy"US Navy  1/9/1931-4/30/2016PeacetimeBeechtree 
Connacher, Franklin H.Army  1948-2010VietnamSt. Tobias-Sec New 
Connacher, George D.    Spanish American-CubaBrockport-AboveRd Right 
Conrad, Absalon    Civil WarBrandy Camp 
Contafio, John B.Army  1914-2004WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Cook, John A.NavyPa S 1 1910-1973WW IIWildwood- Sec C 
Cooper, Heymen   1911-1996WW IIBrockport-AboveRd Right 
Cooper, Merle E.   1933-2004Korean WarBeechtree 
Coppede, James   1926-2006WW IIHoly Cross-Below Road 
Costne, Tony Pvt 1894-1969WW IHoly Cross-Above Road 
Costne, Victor   1930-1984Korean WarHoly Cross-Above Road 
Cousee,     WW IIWildwood- Sec CHeadstone fallen
Craft, Neil   1932-1985Korean WarBeechtree 
Cramer, Edward M.NavyGM2 1922-1987WW IIMountain Church 
Crawford, James O   1840-1922Civil WarWildwood-Sec B 
Cretti, James JArmy  1935-2006PeacetimeHoly Cross-Above Road 
Cribbs, Stanley D., Sr.Army  1/28/1924- 11/6/2015WW II Rifleman in jump wings/infantry
Cristini, James   1921-2012WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Cristini, James RArmy  1943-2011VietnamSt. Tobias-Sec C 
Cyone, ArthurArmy  1922-2003WW IISt. Tobias-Sec A 
Cyone, Francis CArmy  1924-2003WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
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D'Anna, John J.Army  6/23/1924- 12/18/2015WW IISt. Catherine's, DuBoisSouth Pacific
Davis, John    1922-1968WW IIWildwood- Sec C 
Davis, John P.Army  1891-1980WW IWildwood-Sec B 
Deemer, C. ThomasUS Navy  9/22/1926- 11/28/2016WW IIWildwood 
Deasey, JosephArmy  1930-1915Korean WarBeechwoods 
Delia, Joeffrey A.Army  12/28/1919- 1/9/2015WW IISt. TobiasHigh speed radio operator
Delia, Ralph   1917-1999WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Delio, Anthony   1916-2002WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Delio, Francis J.   1924-1979WW IISt. Tobias-Sec A 
Delio, Nick G.Navy  1921-2006WW IISt. Tobias-Sec A 
Delio, Peter A.   1922-1972WW IISt. Tobias-Sec A 
Delp, Samuel L.Army   WW IISugar Hill 
DeMario, Frank Sgt 1918-1945WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
DeMario, Joseph F.   1919-1976WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
DeNardo, Basil A.   1893-1957WW ISt. Tobias-Sec A 
Dennington, Russell W. Pvt 1893-1983WW IBrandy Camp 
DePonceau, Leonard "Doc",    1906-1985WW IIWildwood- Sec DMedical Doctor
DePuma, Daniel    WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
DeSantis, Alfred V.Army  1923-1999WW IISt. Tobias-Sec A 
DeSantis, AnthonyAir Force  1919-2002WW IISt. Tobias-Sec A 
DeSantis, James V. PFC -1944WW IISt. Tobias-Sec CKIA
DeSantis, Romolo   1911-1978WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
DeSantis, U.J. Ben   1931-2005Korean WarSt. Tobias-Sec New 
Devallance, Merlin L.   1842-1923Civil WarWildwood-Sec B 
Devilli, Abraham   1913-1993WW IIHoly Cross-Above Road 
Dillon, James Pvt 1847-1912Civil WarBrockport-AboveRd Left 
Disora, Luigi C. Pvt 1891-1924WW ISt. Tobias-Veteran's Plot 
Divins, Anthony   1840-1873Civil WarBrockport-AboveRd Right 
Dixon, William E.   1896-1962WW IBrandy Camp 
Dodd, David M.US Navy  8/15/1930-4/9/2016Korean WarBeechwoods 
Donati, Julio   1914-1978WW IIHoly Cross-Above Road 
Doods, Harold W.NavyCRM 1915-1970WW IIHoly Cross-Below Road 
Dugan, Charles C. MSgt 1938-2004VietnamSt. Tobias-Sec C 
Dugan, Paul G.  Sgt 1896-1932WW ISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Dull, George W. Sgt 1914-1967WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Durbin, Ralph E.   1904-1992PeacetimeWildwood- Sec C 
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Elias, Donald F.Navy  1924-1989WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Elias, John James   1918-1956WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Ellenberger, Max A.Navy  1927-1984WW IIWildwood-Soldier Circle 
Erikson, Carl J.   1904-1984WW IIBeechtree 
Erikson, Edwin O.   1909-1968WW IIBeechtree 
Esposito, Connie R.Navy  1923-1950Korean WarSt. Tobias-Sec A 
Esposito, Joseph   1892-1928WW ISt. Tobias-Sec A 
Evans, Adair S.   1904-1990WW IIBeechtree 
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Facchine, Joseph G.Army  1920-1988WW IIHoly Cross-Above Road 
Faulk, Carl R.Army  1927-2009WW IIBrandy Camp 
Faulk, William S   1908-2000WW IIBrandy Camp 
Faulkner, Lewis A..   1895-1942WW IBrockport-AboveRd Left 
Faulkner, Walter T.   1889-1963WW IBrandy Camp 
Faust, Edward S Sgt 1918-2002WW IISt. Tobias-Sec A 
Felt, A.B. Cpl Co B  Civil WarWildwood-Sec A 
Felt, George   1902-1984PeacetimeWildwood-Sec A 
Felt, Ira Cpl Co H 1836-1926Civil WarWildwood-Sec A 
Ferando Jr, AnthonyArmy  1901-1986WW IIWildwood- Sec C 
Ferdi, Anthony P FC 1892-1957WW ISt. Tobias-Sec A 
Ferrari, George D.   1933-1997Korean WarHoly Cross-Above Road 
Fields, Clarence P.   1908-1955WW IIWildwood-Soldier Circle 
Fields, Horace   1896-1973WW IBrandy Camp 
Fields, Jacob H.   -1894Civil WarBrockport-AboveRd Right 
Fischer, Donald S.Air ForceSgt 1930-2005Korean WarBrandy Camp 
Fischer, Raymond L.Navy  1919-1982WW IIBrandy Camp 
Flander, Elwood W.   1920-1989WW IIWildwood- Sec C 
Flanders, Robert E.   1947-1978VietnamWildwood- Sec C 
Flanders, Terry R.   1946-1974VietnamBrockport-Below Road 
Foeks, George W.   1894-1976WW IWildwood- Sec D 
Fonner, Arnold "Ed"Army  11/1/1922- 4/15/2015WWIISt. Tobias 
Foradori Jr, Arnold   1910-1973WW IIHoly Cross-Above Road 
Foradori, Henry F.Navy  1925-2004WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Fortunato Jr., Armando J.Army  1924-1970WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Fortunato, Garabaldi Pvt 1919-1968WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Fortunato, Hugo Gene   1921-2007WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Fortunato, Matthew G.Army  1915-1996WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Foster, FrankArmyCapt. 1915-1982WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Foster, Joseph P.   1903-1999WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Frame, Robert Pvt Co c28th Inf usv 1877-1900Spanish American-CubaBeechtree 
Frano, StephenAir Force  1921-2004WW IISt. Tobias-Sec A 
Frantz, Devere J.   1895-1938WW IWildwood- Sec D 
Frantz, Earl C.   1890-1976WW IIWildwood- Sec D 
Frantz, Lloyd G.NavyS2C 1921-1968WW IIWildwood- Sec D 
Frantz, Ruth E.   1878-1949WW IIWildwood- Sec DAux.
Frederick, John W.   1889-1976WW IBrandy Camp 
Freemer, Thomas J.   1937-1991PeacetimeSt. Tobias-Sec B 
Frost, H.A. Co F 1st Battn Pa Inf  Civil WarWildwood-Sec A 
Frost, J.D. Co I 52nd Pa Inf  Civil WarWildwood-Sec A 
Fustine, Aldo   1910-1976WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Fustine, Floyd   1918-2009WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Fustine, Henry A.Army  12/29/1922- 11/23/2016WW IISt. Tobias 
Fustine, Samuel J.   1921-1953WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
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Gage, Justus   1829-1901Civil WarWildwood-Sec B 
Gallagher, William P. Cpl 1900-1972WW IISt. Tobias-Sec A 
Gallen, John H. Co C Pa Sharpshooters 1842-1914Civil WarWildwood-Sec A 
Gallo, Samuel L.Navy  1933-2004Korean WarWildwood-Sec B 
Galluzzi, Edward Sr.   1924-1992WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Galluzzi, Samuel J.ArmyS Sgt 1916-1991WW IISt. Tobias-Sec A 
Galvin, Clifford L.   1896-1961WW IWildwood-Soldier Circle 
Gankosky, Joseph T   1891-1924WW ISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Garvin, Robert    Civil WarBish-Horton Twp-Elk Cty 
Gatto, Patsy L.Army  5/11/1932- 11/19/2016Korean WarSt. Tobias 
Gatto, Peter   1887-1977WW ISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Gess, Gerald IArmy  1927-2008WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Gess, Louie   1892-1935WW ISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Gess, Raymond TArmy  1927-2008WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Gilseppi,    1889-1936WW ISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Giovanelli, Gary J.USMC  1/7/1947- 1/15/2016VietnamSt. TobiasAmtrak Navigator
Giovannelli, Tongred D T5 1914-1980WW IISt. Tobias-Veteran's Plot 
Giughello, Paul LouisMarine CorpCpl 1948-1998VietnamSt. Tobias-Sec C 
Giughello, PeteAir Force  1916-1984WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Grant, Charles M Pvt Co. C 1841-1904Civil WarWildwood-Sec B 
Grant, William H. Co. G 1840-1911Civil WarWildwood-Sec B 
Grasso, Anthony D.   1895-1958WW ISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Graybill, Charles JeromeUS Air Force  9/30/1935- 5/11/2017 St. TobiasServed Intel Spec 1 Reserves
Graybill, DoraAuxillary   WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Graybill, James H.   1844-1925Civil WarBrockport-AboveRd Left 
Grecco, RichardArmy  8/19/1939- 5/19/2017 St. Tobias 
Green, Laverne E T5 1916-1960WW IIWildwood- Sec D 
Green, Roy ANavy  1925-2009WW IIWildwood- Sec D 
Green, William Cert T5 1923-1952WW IIWildwood- Sec D 
Greenalch, Howard JNavy  1913-1987WW IIBeechtree 
Gregorio, Vernon   1922-1970WW IISt. Tobias-Sec A 
Griffith, Robert G.   1926-1999WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Groves, Daniel    Civil WarRocky Groves-Wash.Twp 
Gustafson, William    1895-1985WW IWildwood- Sec D 
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Halko, Irene   1931-2011Korean WarSt. Tobias-Sec C 
Halko, John Sgt 1932-1992Korean WarSt. Tobias-Sec C 
Hand, Solomon Co A 78th Pa Vol  Civil WarWildwood-Sec B 
Harris, Robert G.ArmyCpl 1931-1992Korean WarWildwood- Sec D 
Harry, Bernard C.Army  1908-1944WW IIWildwood- Sec C 
Hart   -1892Civil WarBrockport-AboveRd Right 
Hartman, Jacob   -1898Civil WarBrockport-AboveRd Left 
Heatherdale, Earl C.   1921-2007WW IIBeechtree 
Heatherdale, GeorgeArmyPrivate 1911-2003WW IIBeechtree 
Heatherdale, MatthewArmy  1919-1987WW IIBeechtree 
Heberling, Albert KMarine Corp  1934-1987Korean WarBrandy Camp 
Heitzenrater, Leonard KArmyBattery C 380 Field Artillery Bat. 102 Inf. Div. 9/6/1922- 9/1/2009WW IISugar Hill 
Himes, Adam   1843-1915Civil WarMountain Church 
Himes, Bernard W.Army  1926-1997Korean WarMountain Church 
Himes, Dennis "Denny"Army Reserves  5/22/1935- 12/8/2017Berlin CrisisWildwood 
Himes, Donald EArmy  1945-2002VietnamBrandy Camp 
Himes, Frank W   1902-1944WW IIBrandy Camp 
Himes, Gleen CArmy  1919-2004WW IIBrandy Camp 
Himes, J R   1839-1910Civil WarWildwood-Sec B 
Himes, Jacob   Aged 78Civil WarMountain Church 
Himes, Leroy IArmy  1918-1995WW IIMountain Church 
Himes, Leslie C   1893-1976WW IMountain Church 
Himes, Raymond Samuel   1940-1964VietnamWildwood- Sec D 
Himes, Robert HArmy  1921-1995WW IIMountain Church 
Himes, Ronald L PFC 1933-1956Korean WarMountain Church 
Hindman, Fred E. "Ted"Army  10/25/2016- 11/9/2016WW IIBeechwoods 
Hipsh, Joan Logan   1922-1996WW IIWildwood- Sec D 
Hoak, William G.NavyWT2 1922-1977WW IIWildwood- Sec D 
Hoffman, Berger NelsonMarine Corp  1932-2007Korean WarWildwood- Sec D 
Hogdson, William   1920-1974WW IIBrandy Camp 
Hohl, Robert A.   1874-1950Spanish American-CubaBrandy Camp 
Holt, Samuel   1832-1913Civil WarSugar Hill 
Hondale, Clarence A   1902-1979Korean WarWildwood- Sec D 
Hook, Robert C   1919-1976WW IIBrockport-AboveRd Left 
Hooten, Walter R   1932-1987Korean WarWildwood- Sec D 
Hrinya, EdwardArmy  1915-2003WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Humphreys MD, Frank R   1871-1926WW IWildwood-Sec A 
Humphreys, Donald H.   1899-1970WW IWildwood-Sec A 
Hutchins, Earl Pvt 1890-1969WW IMountain Church 
Hutchins, Wiliam E.   1924-1993WW IIMountain Church 
Hutchinson, Thomas "Soldier" 1838-1913Civil WarWildwood- Sec C 
Hynds, Theodore J.Marine CorpPvt HQ co 153rd DB 1889-1949WW IIBeechtree 
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Iddings, Leonard CecilArmy  7/15/1936- 11/30/2015Korean War Fort Rucker, AL 1955-57
Inzana, Maria T.Army  1924-1988WW IISt. Tobias-Veteran's Plot 
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Jackson, Archie C.Marine CorpSgt. E5 1/24/1894- Templeserved 1943-1946
Jackson, Gerald M.NavySV-6 5/10/1923-WW IITempleserved 1918-1919
Jackson, Grant E.Army/Air Force15th Air Force Squadron 1923-2015WWIISt. Tobias 
Jackson, Thomas (Deacon)Navy  1925-2004WW IISt. Tobias-Sec New 
Jiamachello, Alfred Sgt 1917-2008WW IISt. Tobias-Veteran's Plot 
Jiamachello, Marguerite SchochWACSgt 1921-1999WW IIWildwood- Sec D 
Jiamachello, Sylvio DCoast Guard  1915-1998WW IISt. Tobias-Sec New 
Jindy, Angelo V.   1915-1981WW IISt. Tobias-Sec A 
Johnson, George WebsterArmy&160; 1918-1980WW IIMcKean Memorial Park, Lafayette, PA 
Johnson, Harvey RussellMerchant Marines USCGS2/C 1917-1998WW IIMorningside Cemetery 
Johnson, Henry   1897-1920WW IBrockport-AboveRd Left 
Johnson, John CrawfordArmyPrivate 1842-1919Civil WarOak Hill Cemetery, Bradford, PA 
Johnson, Milton3rd Reg't (Messinger's) Mass./td>   War of 1812Temple Cemetery, Hazen, PAServed 1812-1814
Johnson, Robert WillardNavy2nd CL 1914-1990WW IITemple Cemetery, Hazen, PA Cemetery 
Johnston, Cheson Co F Mass Inf  Civil WarWildwood-Soldier Circle 
Jones, Asa   1889-1953WW IWildwood- Sec D 
Jones, David L   1926-1977WW IIWildwood- Sec D 
Jones, William M.   1922-1988WW IIWildwood- Sec D 
Jose, Angelo   1908-1971WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Jose, Frank J.   1896-1967WW ISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Joyner, Charlie E.USMCSgt. 6/25/1928- 1/15/2016-WW II/KoreaForest Lawn, Norfolk, VA 
Judice, Leno N.US Air Force  9/23/1928- 5/17/2017 St. Tobias 
Judice, Louie P.   1926-2010WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
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K. J.    Civil WarWildwood-Soldier Circle 
Kalgren, Edward J.Marine CorpSgt 1972-2002VietnamWildwood- Sec C 
Kalgren, Everett A. T4 1919-1957WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Kane, Ike    WW IIBeechtree 
Kearney, Don C.US Navy  2/23/1930-3/24/2016 Beechwoodsserved 1948-1950
Karaffa, Michael P. Cpl 1895-1960WW ISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Kearney, Kenneth W.Army  1917-1994WW IIWildwood-Sec B 
Kearney, M. ElizabethNavy  1910-2003WW IIWildwood- Sec C 
Kearney, Thomas   1870-1938Spanish American-CubaWildwood- Sec C 
Keister, Glenn A.Air Force  1920-1995WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Keller, Reuban   1837-1913Civil WarBrockport-Above Rd. Right 
Kelly,Thomas J.US Navy  5/28/1937- 2/3/2017   
Kemmerer, Monte C.Army  -12/4/2016VietnamParklawn Memorial- Ridgway 
Kersteher Jr., John HMarine Corp  1944-2006VietnamWildwood-Soldier Circle 
Kester, James A.   1914-1984WW IIWildwood-Soldier Circle 
Keys,  Co H 105th Pa Vol  Civil WarWildwood- Sec C 
Kiekland, Jefferson   1911-1991WW IIMountain Church 
Kilgore, Cyrus R.   -1886Civil WarWildwood-Sec A 
Kilgus, Edward L.   1920-1994WW IISt. Tobias-Sec A 
Kline, Lawrence   1927-1961WW IIWildwood- Sec D 
Klotz, Frederick J   1924-1988WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Kopp, John "Jack"   1935-2007Korean WarSt. Tobias-Sec C 
Koval, Richard   1927-2010WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Krempasky, Thomas A.Navy  1916-1995WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Krul, Bruno   Rec'd 1915WW IBeechtree 
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Laird, George H.   1865-1943Spanish American-CubaBrandy Camp 
Laird, Jacob   1844-1910Civil WarWildwood- Sec C 
Laird, John R.   1896-1918WW IBrandy Camp 
Lancaster, Edward KNavy  1927-2008WW IISt. Tobias-Sec New 
Landini, Francis P.Army  2/1/1929- 6/11/2016Korean WarSt. Tobias2nd Armored Infantry Battalion- 17 mo.
Landini, Jacob JackArmy  1921-2008WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Landini, John   1892-1962WW ISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Landini, Michael J.Army  1924-2008WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Lanzoni, Basil A.   1930-1968Korean WarSt. Tobias-Sec B 
Lanzoni, Paul R.   1890-1975WW ISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Larson, Senes E.   1922-1995WW IIBrandy Camp 
Lavella, AnthonyArmy  1936-2015WW IISt. Tobias 
Leck, Adam Pvt -1877Civil WarBrockport-AboveRd Left 
Lemmon, Don MArmy  1920-1960 Richardsville Baptist Cem.
Lemmon, William H PVT Co. G, 82nd PA Inf. 1830-1864WW IISugar HillMIA, Spotsylvania, VA
Lemmon, William HAir Force  7/22/1918- 9/11/2003KoreaSugar Hill 
Leonard   1911-1987WW IIBeechtree 
Levis Jr., Theodore   1881-1944Spanish American-CubaWildwood-Sec B 
Levis, Thomas   1937-1993PeacetimeSt. Tobias-Sec B 
Lewis, Elizabeth Hutchinson   1873-1953WW IWildwood-Sec A 
Light, Charles R.Army  9/30/1936- 5/12/2017WW IIWildwood 
Lindenmuth, Dorothy L.Air Force  4/13/1930- 1/14/2016 Temple 
Lindy, Adam Co K 2nd Pa Vol 1845-1928Civil WarWildwood- Sec C 
Lines, DanielAir ForceSSGT     
Lionetti, JosephAir Force  1898-1974WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Logan, John A.ArmyLt. Col 1893-1940WW IWildwood- Sec D 
Lorenzo M.D. , Nicholas F.   1914-1987WW IISt. Tobias-Sec D 
Lowe, Jerry L.Navy  1942-2005VietnamBrockport-Below Road 
Lucore, Joseph W. Pvt 1892-1939WW IWildwood-Sec B 
Luke, Frank   1936-2006PeacetimeSt. Tobias-Sec NewPilot
Luke, James   1949-2005VietnamSt. Tobias-Sec New 
Lundberg, Donald D.   1936-1994Korean WarWildwood- Sec D 
Lundberg, Edward   1918-1987WW IIWildwood- Sec C 
Lundberg, Emil   1893-1929WW IWildwood- Sec D 
Lundberg, Eugene W.Army  7/13/1938- 7/22/2016PeacetimeWildwood 
Lundberg, Quinn L. Dr.Navy  1931-1996Korean WarWildwood-Sec B 
Lundberg, Robert H.Navy  1925-2006WW IIBeechtree 
Lundberg, William H.   1905-1969WW IIWildwood- Sec C 
Lyle, Francis J.Army  1924-1979WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Lyle, John Pvt 1923-1944WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Lyle, Paul F.Army  6/23/1934- 3/8/2016 Erie 
Lyons, Ronald R. Cpl 1929-1971WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Lytle, Jerome W   1914-1995WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
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Maloney, Martin E   1917-1991WW II, KoreanSt. Tobias-Sec B 
Mancini, ArmidoArmy    St. Tobias 
Mancini, Thomas "Teet"Marine Corp  1934-2008Korean WarSt. Tobias-Sec New 
Mancini, Victor E   1915-1983WW IISt. Tobias-Sec New 
Mancuso, SamuelArmy  1930-1995Korean WarSt. Tobias-Sec New 
Manhart, Charles H.Army  7/24/1927- 7/4/2016VietnamBeechtree 
Manning, Anthony R   1945-1979VietnamSt. Tobias-Sec C 
Manning, Luther C   1920-2008WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Manning, Matthew   1914-1963WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Manning, Ponziano   1918-2010WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Marche, Jule W. SrArmyCo. E Seventh Calvary 1950-52 1933-2015Korean WarMorningside 
Marche, Louie   1931-1992Korean WarBrandy Camp 
Marchiori, Louis   1919-2009WW IIHoly Cross-Above Road 
Marchiori, Mario T.ArmySgt 1894-1982WW ISt. Tobias-Sec BWidcat Division
Marchiori, ProsperoArmy  1918-1990WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Marnati, LouieArmyPvt 1891-1918WW ISt. Tobias-Sec A 
Marnati, WilliamNavy  1925-1994WW IISt. Tobias-Sec A 
Marshall, John P. "Jack"USMC  5/31/1926- 2/10/2016WW IISt. TobiasOkinawa, Phillipines, Iwo Jima
Martini, CliffordNavy  1925-2007WW IISt. Tobias-Sec New 
Martini, Edward Sgt 1919-2007WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Martini, GuidoArmy Reserves  8/15/1933- 12/8/2016 St. Marys Cem. 
Martini, James VMarine Corp  1921-2005WW IISt. Tobias-Sec New 
Martini, John RMarine Corp  1932-2007Korean WarSt. Tobias-Sec New 
Martino, Joseph M. PFC 1895-1962WW ISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Martino, Leonard   1919-1987WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Martino, Robert A.Marine Corp  1918-1972WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Martino, Robert A. 1st Lt. 1924-2009WW II, KoreanSt. Tobias-Sec New 
Marusiak, Walter F.ArmyS Sgt 1920-1984WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Mascaro, Joseph RussellAir ForceSgt 1943-1992VietnamSt. Tobias-Sec New 
Mascioni, Amadeo Sgt 1917-1945WW IIHoly Cross-Above Road 
Mascioni, Fred L   1915-1969WW IIHoly Cross-Below Road 
Matson, William GlennMarine Corp  1935-2008Korean WarWildwood- Sec D 
Matthews, Henry J   1886-1943WW IBrandy Camp 
Matthews, John R   1914-1985WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Maxwell, AlexanderNavy and Army  1897-1977WW I and IIBarrancas Nat'l , Pensacola, FLServed 1918-1949
Maxwell, Charles R. “Dick”Navy and Coast GuardS2c 1928-1993PeacetimeDavis Memorial Park, Las Vegas, NVServed 1946-1949
Maxwell, Donald R.   PFC Co K  3/15/1910- 4/7/1945WW IIWildwood- Sec CKIA, earned 2 Purple Hearts
Maxwell, Ellis J. “Bud”Navy SC3c   1926-1991WW IIBeechwoodsServed 1943-1946
Maxwell, Joseph W.ArmyPrivate 1901-1980WW IIWildwoodServed 1942-1943
Maxwell, Mortimer E.Navy and Coast Guard MOMM2C   1897-1977WW I and IIBrookside, Pueblo, COServed 1942-1946
Maxwell, Richard W.Navy   1906-1972PeacetimeChestnut Hill, Mechanicsburg, PAServed 1925-1929
Maze, Charles J.Army  1926-2008WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
McCall, Kenneth L.Army  1923-2007WW IISt. Tobias-Sec New 
McCall, Thomas A.   1928-1979WW IISt. Tobias-Sec New 
McCool, Orville B.Navy Reserves  1910-1956WW IBrockport-AboveRd Left 
McCoy, William A.   1843-1906Civil WarBrockport-AboveRd Right 
McCracken, Edward L.   1930-1989Korean WarSt. Tobias-Sec C 
McCurdy, Leroy D. Co E 1st NY Dragoons 1844-1905Civil WarWildwood- Sec C 
McKay,Donald R.Marines  5/31/1936- 5/22/2017 Beechtree 
McKay, Neal Cpl PA Vol Cav. 1844-1927Civil WarWildwood-Sec B 
McKinney, John A.Army  1917-1986WW IIBeechtree 
McMeekin, James H.Army   Korean WarSt. Tobias-Sec New 
McMeekin, James M.Army  1895-1981WW I  
McMeekin, Theodore C.US Navy   Vietnam served 1965-1970
McMinn, James E.   1887-1936WW IWildwood-Sec B 
McMinn, Melvin WalterArmy  11/5/1933- 8/26/2016PeacetimeBeechtreeServed 20 years
McMinn, Mervin A. PFC 1915-1964WW IIWildwood- Sec D 
McMinn, William C.   1843-1930Civil WarWildwood-Sec B 
McNulty, John J.Army  1927-2010WW IISt. Tobias-Sec New 
McQuone, Chester F.   1896-1967WW ISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Medock, David   1840-1911Civil WarWildwood-Soldier Circle 
Melillo, Samuel G.   1931-2008Korean WarSt. Tobias-Sec A 
Meritt, FrankNavy  1928-2010WW IIWildwood-Sec B 
Merritt, Harry A. Pvt 1900-1954PeacetimeBrandy Camp 
Miceli, Anthony    1920-1996WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Miceli, Antonio   1888-1918WW IHoly Cross-Above Road 
Miceli, Peter   1927-1983WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Mikelonis, Anthony BArmy  1916-2007WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Miksich Jr., John Cpl 1933-1998Korean WarSt. Tobias-Sec C 
Miller, Albert "Bud"Marine Corp  1949-1988VietnamBeechtree 
Miller, Blake E.   1911-1972WW IIWildwood- Sec C 
Miller, Clyde EArmyPFC 1892-1975WW IBrockport-AboveRd Right 
Miller, Dale I PFC 1920-1944WW IIWildwood- Sec C 
Miller, Herb LMarine Corp  1940-1995PeacetimeBeechtree 
Miller, J Irwin Sgt Co B 1889-1962WW IWildwood- Sec C 
Miller, Thomas DonArmy  1931-1999WW IIBeechtree 
Moberg, Donald LNavy  1934-2001Korean WarWildwood- Sec D 
Moberg, John Army  1929-2015KoreanWildwood 
Moline, David IArmyCpl 1894-1974WW IBrockport-AboveRd Left 
Monaco, GeorgeArmy  1915-1992WW IISt. Tobias-Sec NewLegion Bugler
Montressor, Edward A   1913-1995WW IISt. Tobias-Sec A 
Moody, Thomas Leroy   1937-1995PeacetimeSt. Tobias-Sec B 
Mooney, David   1958-1983PeacetimeSt. Tobias-Sec C 
Mooney, Earl F.   1919-2006WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Mooney, Leon   1923-2009WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Moore, John   1845-1906Civil WarWildwood- Sec C 
Moore, Richard A.ArmyE-5  Vietnam served 1968-1970
Moore, Robert SNavy  1911-1993WW IIBrandy Camp 
Morris, Chester LNavy  1918-1985WW IIBeechtree 
Morris, Edward JArmy  1923-1991WW IIBeechtree 
Morris, Harry HArmy  1927-2004WW IIBeechtree 
Morris, Henry H Pvt 1911-1942WW IIBeechtreeCo K 26th Inf
Morris, Richard H "Nooks"   1901-1999PeacetimeBeechtree 
Morrison, James   -2012Korean WarWildwood-Sec B 
Morrison, LeslieAir Force  1929-2003Korean WarHoly Cross-Below Road 
Morrison, William H. (Bill)ArmyPFC 20 Nov 1909 - 4 Feb 1981WW IILakeside Cemetery, E. Lake Rd., Erie, PA 
Moyer, Lyle RArmy  1916-1996WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Munn, Clair VNavy  1909-1983WW IIMountain Church 
Murgash, JosephArmy  1927-1975WW IIHoly Cross-Above Road 
Muscatell,John WNavy  1908-2001WW IISt. Tobias-Sec A 
Muth, Russell AArmyT5 1916-1974WW IIMorningside-Soldier's Circle 
Myrtle, John PNavy  1927-1991WW IIWildwood-Sec B 
Myrtle, Leroy CNavy   WW IIWildwood-Sec B 
Myrtle, Samuel Pvt Co I 1846-1928Civil WarWildwood- Sec C 
Myrtle, Thomas W   1889-1963WW IWildwood-Sec B 
Myrtle, Walter EmilNavy   WW IIWildwood-Sec B 
Myrtle, William MNavy Reserves  1915-1965WW IIWildwood-Sec B 
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Nale, Everett ENavy  1922-1999WW IIBeechtree 
Nasoni, Angelo   1894-1958WW IHoly Cross-Above Road 
Nava, Adam   1917-1981WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Neel, William J   1923-1980WW IIWildwood- Sec D 
Nelson, Ernest WilmerArmy  1895-1956WW IWildwood- Sec D 
Nero, Theodore R Pvt 1943-1968VietnamBrandy Camp 
Nesbitt, David R   1934-2010Korean WarBrandy Camp 
Nestor, Lawrence E PFC AAF ACAD SQ  1909-1952WW IIBeechtree 
Nestor, William M.ArmyPvt 1924-1979WW IIBeechtree 
Nichols, Jonathan   1749-1837Revolutionary WarPioneer- Horton Twp-Elk Cty 
Nichols, Walter E.Army  4/26/1931- 1/6/2017Peacetime served 1948-1952
Noland, Carl Geno   1932-2008Korean WarWildwood-Sec B 


Olgan, Andrew   1847-1935Civil WarWildwood- Sec D 
Olivio, Richard E.   1935-1970PeacetimeSt. Tobias-Sec B 
Olson, Anna Mae   1896-1982WW IWildwood- Sec C 
Olson, Devere E.NavyLt 1919-1973WW IIWildwood- Sec C 
Olson, Donald F.Army  1920-2007WW IIMorningside 
Olson, Fred W PFC 1894-1963WW IBrandy Camp 
Olson, Ida   1899-1981WW IIBrandy CampDOAR
Ordiway, M. VernonUS Air ForceLt. Col.  Cold War/Cuban Crisis served 1956-1976
Ortz, John E.Army   VietnamBeechwoods 
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Packer, A.J. Co G  Civil WarWildwood- Sec C 
Painter, Clifford P.   1889-1959WW IBrandy Camp 
Park, Harry F.   1938-2004PeacetimeSt. Tobias-Sec New 
Parolari, Bruno   1923-1964WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Parris, G W   -1897Civil WarWildwood- Sec C 
Parulo, Joseph D   1916-1985WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Parulo, Miller A   1919-2000WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Paruso, Alfred   1916-2003WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Paruso, Harry T   1914-2002WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Paruso, Richard C   1937-1998PeacetimeSt. Tobias-Sec A 
Pasi, Angelo AArmy  1918-2009WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Pasi, David AArmy  1924-2005WW IIHoly Cross-Above Road 
Pasi, Louie   1914-1984WW IIHoly Cross-Above Road 
Pasi, Roy Joseph Pvt 1893-1941WW ISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Patterson, Glenn AArmy  1922-2007WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Pavick, BernardUS Navy  4/3/1937- 10/7/2015 Old Bridge, NJ 
Pellschi, George   1914-1980WW IIBrandy Camp 
Penfield, James   1822-1880Civil WarWildwood-Sec A 
Peresie, Alex Pvt  WW IHoly Cross-Above Road 
Peterson, Harry JMarine Corp  1925-1988WW IIBrockport-AboveRd Right 
Peterson, Otto E   1892-1955WW IWildwood- Sec D 
Petruzzi, David ANavyMAM 3/C 1/9/1927- 4/15/2016WW II/ Korean WarSt. TobiasDestroyer USS Rush/ USS Compton
Piccirillo, Carmen F/td>Navy  1920-2009Parklawn 
Pifer, WilliamNavy  1932-2004Korean WarBeechtree 
Pinchock, Albert Pvt 1894-1948WW ISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Pinchock, Ben   -2012Korean WarSt. Tobias-Sec C 
Pinchock, Edward AArmy  1923-2012WW IIDuBois 
Pinchock, John C   1896-1982WW IBeechtree 
Pinchock, Thomas CArmy  1911-2001WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Pisarchick , Anthony BArmy  1930-1995Korean WarSt. Tobias-Sec B 
Pisarchick Jr., Anthony B.Marine Corp  1954-1991VietnamSt. Tobias-Sec B 
Pisarchick, George "Meatball"   -2012Korean WarSt. Tobias-Sec C 
Pisarchick, Michael J.   1907-1978WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Pisarchick, Richard J.   1937-1981Korean WarSt. Tobias-Sec C 
Pisarchick, Thomas P.   1936-1968Korean WarSt. Tobias-Sec C 
Pisarcik, Andrew J.   1921-1990WW IISt. Tobias-Sec A 
Pisarcik, Dennis E.Army  11/1/1935- 5/16/2016Korean WarSt. Tobias 
Pisoni, Steve P.   1919-2010WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Pistilli, AlfredNavy  1940-2009 Parklawn 
Platco Sr, George T. Cpl 1923-1999WW IIWildwood-Sec A 
Platco, Andrew T.Army   WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B
Platco, John F.ArmyPrivate 1901-1987PeacetimeSt. TobiasServed 3 enlistments
Platco Zimmerman, MargaretArmy WACS 1917-20031917-1998WW IIDallastown, PA 
Platco, Michael A. Pvt 1903-1963WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Pompeii, Charles   1894-1967WW ISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Pontious, David A.   1846-1929Civil WarBrandy Camp 
Porter, Daniel B. Co B 1831-1906Civil WarWildwood-Sec A 
Porter, Jacob Co K -1890Civil WarWildwood-Soldier Circle 
Porter, William S. Co H 1869-1928Spanish American-CubaWildwood-Sec A 
Potash, Robert L.   1932-1986Korean WarSt. Tobias-Sec C 
Powell, Richard W.Army  5/11/1940- 3/9/2017 Sylvan Heights Cem., Uniontown, PA 
Presto Jr, Joseph   1928-1995Korean WarSt. Tobias-Sec C 
Presto, Frank   1895-1935WW ISt. Tobias-Sec CBugler
Presto, Joseph Pvt 1891-1956WW ISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Preston, Edward A.Air Force  1919-1985WW IIWildwood-Soldier Circle 
Preston, Robert T.Army   Vietnam/Cuba served 1957-1963
Prindle, James M   1897-1944WW IBeechtree 
Prindle, John J Pvt 1824-1918Civil WarWildwood-Sec A 
Prindle, Monroe D Co. B 211th Regt PVC 1828-1893Civil WarSugar Hill 
Prindle, Norman   1892-1949WW IWildwood-Sec B 
Provin, Howard R.Air Corps  1917-2006WW IIBeechwoods 
Puhala, John M.   1925-2006WW IISt. Tobias-Sec New 
Puhala, Paul Sgt 1889-1963WW ISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Puhala,William P.Army  4/3/1927- 3/12/2017WW IISt. Tobias 
Pyne, James L.   1937-2007PeacetimeWildwood-Sec B 
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Raia, Victor M   1913-2003WW IISt. Tobias-Sec New 
Raybuck, HaroldUS Navy  8/2/1926-9/2015WW IIBeechwoodsstationed in Okinawa, Japan
Redfield, Charles P   1844-1943Civil WarWildwood- Sec D 
Reed, Arthur   1900-1975WW IIMountain Church 
Reed, B.V.    Civil WarBish-Horton Twp-Elk Cty 
Reed, Frederick D PFC 1911-1973WW IIMountain Church 
Reed, John PFC 3009th QM Banking Co 1908-1951WW IIBeechtree 
Reedy, Henry   -1896Civil WarBrockport-AboveRd Right 
Reilly, James A.USMC  2/12/1935- 6/26/2016PeacetimeBeechtree 
Rendos, Andrew J   1895-1957WW ISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Rendos, Bernard DMarine Corp  1915-1998WW IISt. Tobias-Sec New 
Rendosh, Harry AArmyT5 1921-1979WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Rendosh, MichaelArmy  1919-1992WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Renwick, Joseph LArmy  1923-1991WW IIBeechtree 
Renwick, Robert EArmyCpl 1922-1994WW IIBeechtree
Renwick, Thomas E T 5 1912-1974WW IIWildwood- Sec C 
Repiscak, Frank   1913-1990WW IISt. Tobias-Sec A 
Repiscak, Samuel I   1917-1992WW IIWildwood-Sec A 
Resoskie, AlbertArmy  1906-1982WW IISt. Tobias-Veteran's Plot 
Reynolds, Thomas Pvt -1912WW IIHoly Cross-Below Road 
Rhed, Benjamin   1848-1926Civil WarWildwood- Sec C 
Rhed, Floyd DukeArmy  1927-2000WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Rhoads, Homer G. T4 1915-1973WW IIBrandy Camp 
Riccadonna, FredArmy  1912-2000WW IIHoly Cross-Above Road 
Richards, Clemons "Bill"Army  5/28/1928- 4/22/2016KoreanWildwoodServed in Germany
Richitaric, John T   1907-1937WW ISt. Tobias-Veteran's Plot 
Rindos, John J.Army  1904-1995WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Rindosh, Frank TArmyPvt. 1911-2004WW IISt. Tobias-Sec DCo. I 301st Infantry 94th Div.
Rindosh, John F.   1891-1976WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Rinehuls, Edgar F.   1897-1931WW IWildwood- Sec D 
Ringbloom, Carl A.   1894-1942WW IWildwood- Sec D 
Ringbloom, Vernon F.ArmyPFC 1920-1975WW IIWildwood- Sec D 
Rishell, Bert H Pvt Co. G317th Inf  WW ISugar Hill 
Rishell, Lena E    WW ISugar HillVFW Auxilary
Ritsky, Anthony   1919-2008WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Ritter, William HArmy  1931-1983Korean WarBeechtree 
Rizzo, Frank PFC 1912-1955WW IIHoly Cross-Above Road 
Robinson, Francis L   1923-1984WW IIBrandy Camp 
Robinson, John    Civil WarSugar Hill 
Roff, Joseph   1890-1952WW ISt. Tobias-Veteran's Plot 
Rogos, Ralph TArmy  1917-2006WW II  
Romeo, Dr. Donald (Doc)Army  1923-2009WW IIPalm Mort. Las Vegas, NV 
Romero, James J. "Chief"   1935-1990PeacetimeBeechtree 
Roof, Kenneth C.Marine Corp  1920-1982WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Ross, Eugene T.   1924-2000WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Ross, George F.   1892-1959WW IIBeechtree 
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Sabatose, Adam H   1917-2005WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Sabatose, George R   1922-1994WW IISt. Tobias-Sec New 
Salizzoni, Otto P.   1920-1998WW IISt. Tobias-Sec New 
Salvadori, LouisArmy  1913-1973WW IIHoly Cross-Above Road 
Salvadori, Mario   1920-1974WW IIHoly Cross-Above Road 
Salvetto, Joseph A.   1928-1947WW IISt. Tobias-Sec A 
Sandstrom, William F.Air Force  1926-1977WW IIWildwood- Sec C 
Sanford, Francis J Pvt 1925-1944WW IIWildwood- Sec D 
Scarnati, Blase SNational Guard USA  1935-2007 St. Peters, Slippery Rock 
Scarnati, James TAir Force  1920-2004WW II, KoreanSt. Tobias-Sec A 
Schlemmer, Charles LNavy  1927-2002WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Schlemmer, Edward R   1921-2010WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Schreckencost, Raymond KennethArmy  1932-2000WW IIWildwood- Sec C 
Schroth, William EArmy  1932-2006Korean WarWildwood-Sec B 
Schutz, Charles J   1932-2012 St. Tobias 
Schutz, John BNavy  1935-2011Korean WarSt. Tobias-Sec B 
Scolese, John AAir Force  1925-2000WW IISt. Tobias-Sec New 
Scull, Howard KNavy  1926-2008WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Seaman, Raymond EAir ForceCpl 1921-2009WW IIBeechwoods 
Senior, Russell R.Army  1911-2001WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Sennett, Frank W. T 5 1901-1979WW IIBrandy Camp 
Serafini, Albert F.   1918-2011WW IIHoly Cross-Above Road 
Serafini, Benny L.   1914-2003WW IIHoly Cross-Above Road 
Sereno, Sidney   1917-1973WW IISt. Tobias-Sec A 
Sevinsky, John   1922-1978WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Shaffer, Charles F. Sgt 1924-1974WW IIWildwood- Sec C 
Shaffer, Clarence F.   1900-1931WW IWildwood-Soldier Circle 
Shaffer, Forrest I.Army  1916-2010WW IISt. Tobias-Sec A 
Shaffner, Paul K.   1921-1990WW IISt. Tobias-Sec A 
Shaginaw, Thomas W.Army  1948-2009   
Sheley, Mark F.   1915-2004WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Sheley, Paul LArmy  1919-2000WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Shepley, Charles HArmy  1911-1991WW IIWildwood- Sec C 
Sherback Jr. , John F  Msgt 1912-1966WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Sherback, Thomas S Pvt 1910-1971WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Sherwood, GeorgeNavy  1941-1998VietnamBrandy Camp 
Shick, Alfred P.   1840-1922Civil WarWildwood-Sec B 
Shugars, George Co. H 58th Inf  Civil WarBish-Horton Twp-Elk Cty 
Shute, Timothy AlanArmy Reserves629th Unit 8/2/1962- 4/20/2015PeacetimeUnion-Luthersburg629th Unit
Sibley, Warren   1832-1902Civil WarWildwood-Sec A 
Sicheri, Dennis F.ArmySP5 1948-2004VietnamHoly Cross-Below Road 
Sicheri, HenryNavy2C 1925-1974WW IIHoly Cross-Above Road 
Sicheri,Guido   1924-1992WW IIHoly Cross-Below Road 
Sidelinger, H   1838-1901Civil WarBrockport-AboveRd Left 
Sidelinger, Howard Pvt 1897-1971WW IMountain Church 
Silvis, J A   1844-1910Civil WarMountain Church 
Silvis, John   1831-1914Civil WarMountain Church 
Silvus, Edward D   1891-1969WW IMountain Church 
Siple, William G.Marine Corp  1930-1994Korean WarSt. Tobias-Sec B 
Smith, James E.Army  1927-WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Smith Sr., Leslie V.Navy  1929-1988WW IIWildwood- Sec D 
Smith, Marion    VietnamBeechtree 
Smith, Wayne E.   1894-1977WW IBrockport-AboveRd Left 
Smith, William C   1927-2003WW IIBeechtree 
Smith, William W   1897-1918WW IBrockport-AboveRd Left 
Snelick, Francis   1936-1993VietnamSt. Tobias-Sec B 
Snyder, Harold LeoNavyWT 1 1901-1982WW IIWildwood-Sec A 
Snyder, Samuel Cpl 1906-1968WW IIWildwood- Sec C 
Soderholm, Francis WNavy  1896-1934WW IWildwood- Sec C 
Spene, Francis V   1926-1978WW IISt. Tobias-Sec A 
Spleen, Elsie R   1890-1969DOARBrandy Camp 
Squires, ClarenceNavy  1917-1988WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Starr, Thornton AArmy  1919-2002WW IIBrockport-AboveRd Right 
Starr, William L   1832-1918Civil WarMountain Church 
Steele, Anne M   1896-1985WW IWildwood- Sec C 
Steele, Hugh R.ArmyM Sgt 1916-1983WW IIWildwood-Sec B 
Steele, Paul B.   1891-1973WW IWildwood- Sec C 
Stern, Jack   1927-1998WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Stine, Robert E.Army  1993-1990Korean WarSt. Tobias-Sec B 
Stlis, Richard F.Navy  1919-1999WW IIBrandy Camp 
Stolberg, Stanley L   1935-1995Korean WarBrandy Camp 
Stoneberg, DavidNavy ReservesS 1 C 1912-1957WW IIWildwood- Sec C 
Stoneberg, Gary LeeArmy  1943-2007VietnamWildwood- Sec C 
Stoneberg, Howard R PFC Co D 1909-1959WW IIWildwood- Sec C 
Stoneberg, Oscar W   1893-1963WW IWildwood- Sec C 
Strischock, Charles A   1944-1988VietnamSt. Tobias-Sec A 
Strischock, Stephen A   1927-2011WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Stuart, Charles ArthurAir Force   WW IISugar Hill 
Sversko, Nick JNavy   WW IISt. Tobias-Sec BUSS Franklin
Swanson, Amandus   1870-1918Spanish American-CubaWildwood- Sec C 
Swanson, Benjamin G.Navy  1957-1980VietnamBrandy Camp 
Swanson, Phillip C.Navy  1925-2003WW II and KoreanBrandy Camp 
Swanson, Walter E.   1894-1958WW IWildwood-Soldier Circle 
Swyers, Henry H.Navy  1914-2005WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
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Tarolli, Henry   1895-1921WW ISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Taylor, Boyd J.US Navy  6/18/1925- 9/19/2015WW IISt. TobiasGuner- Battleship Nevada
Taylor, Edward   1918-1992WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Taylor, Herman G.   1920-1990WW IIBrandy Camp 
Taylor, James    Civil WarWildwood- Sec C 
Taylor, James E.   1921-1979WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Taylor, Jerome B.   -1868Civil WarBrandy Camp 
Taylor, John "Jack"Air Force  1929-2007PeacetimeSt. Tobias-Veteran's Plot 
Taylor, Joseph E   1929-1952Korean WarBrandy Camp 
Taylor, Waid  Sgt 1894-1942WW IBrockport-AboveRd Left 
Taylor, Zachary   1921-1944WW IIMemorial Cem. Louisville, KY 
Terry, George W. Sgt Co B 577th Engrs 1891-1972WW IBeechtree 
Thompson, Arnold R.Marine CorpsT Sgt 1922-2005WW IIWildwood-Sec A 
Thompson, DennisMarine Corps  1964-2013 Brockport 
Thompson, Earl    Spanish American-CubaWildwood-Sec B 
Thompson, Milo G.   1895-1983WW IWildwood-Sec B 
Thompson, Richard M.ArmyCpl 1929-1999WW IIWildwood-Sec B 
Thompson. James T. Pvt Co B 4th Reg Died Oct 3, 1900Spanish American-CubaBeechtreeDied on board the Transport
Thorpe, Francis Co. C 211th Regt Pa Inf  Civil WarRocky Groves-Wash.Twp 
Timblin, Glenn   1915-1972WW IIMountain Church 
Timblin, Leroy O.Navy  1942-2000VietnamBrockport-Below Road 
Tokar, Joseph A.Navy  1928-2006WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Tokarcik, Joseph   1902-1989WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Tokarcik, Joseph   1930-1995Korean WarWildwood-Sec A 
Tokardik, Andrew J.   1930-1995Korean WarBrockport-Above Rd Left 
Tortorella, Barney J.Navy  1922-2004WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Toven, Fred R. T5 1914-1966WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Toven, Robert F.Marine Corp  1949-2007VietnamSt. Tobias-Sec B 
Town, William E PFC 1889-1961WW IWildwood- Sec D 
Tracy, A.H. Capt Co H 1819-1882Civil WarWildwood- Sec C 
Trivisono, Joseph Pvt 1885-1966WW ISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Trombetta, James A   1920-1964WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Trout, Esther ClarkNavyPetty Officer 1914-1988WW IIWildwood- Sec C 
Trumball, James B   1846-1922Civil WarBrandy Camp 
Trumbull, Eric SAir Force  1959-2002VietnamBrandy Camp 
Trumbull, Fred   1890-1972WW IBrandy Camp 
Trumbull, Raymond A. Pvt 1888-1965WW IBrandy Camp 
Trumbull, Robert W.PA Nat'l Guard  1939-2015 Brandy Camp Methodist 
Trumbull, Walter   1893-1954WW IBrandy Camp 
Tully, Michael J.ArmySgt. 1st Class 1973-2007IraqBeechwoods 
Turney, William Co D 62nd Pa Inf  Civil WarWildwood- Sec C 
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Umbaugh, John MNavy  1937-1995Korean WarSt. Tobias-Sec B 
Unreadable    Civil WarWildwood-Sec B 
Unreadable    WW IWildwood-Sec B 
Unreadable    Revolutionary WarWildwood-Sec B ?? 
Unreadable    WW IIWildwood-Soldier Circle 
Unreadable    Korean WarWildwood-Soldier Circle 
Unreadable    WW IWildwood-Soldier Circle 
Unreadable    Civil WarWildwood-Soldier Circle 
Unreadable    Civil WarWildwood-Soldier Circle 
Unreadable    Civil WarWildwood-Soldier Circle 
Unreadable    Civil WarWildwood-Soldier Circle 
Unreadable    Civil WarMountain Church 
Unreadable    WW IMountain Church 
Unsworth, Richard H.   1929-1985Korean WarBeechtree 
Uplinger, D. Fred   1923-2006WW IIWildwood-Sec A 
Uplinger, Paul E.US Navy  1/31/1927- 2/25/2015WW IIEarlyville 
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Valykeo, Louis P.Army  1919-2010WW IISt. Tobias-Sec New 
Veltri, Frank J.   1911-2002WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Veltri, George "Jud"Navy  1913-2006WW IISt. Tobias-Veteran's Plot 
Veltri, Joseph "Blackie"   1918-2001WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Veltri, Victor F.   1920-2007WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Verne, John F.   1927-2010WW IISt. Tobias-Sec New 
Verne, Louie PArmySgt 1919-1996WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Verne, Matthew JArmy  1916-1999WW IISt. Tobias-Sec A 
Verne, Thomas Mitchell   1934-1990PeacetimeSt. Tobias-Sec New 
Verne, William P   1908-1998WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Visniesky, Bernard EArmy  1918-1997WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Volpe, Frank Pvt 1896-1986WW ISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Volpe, John RaymondNavy  1926-2015WW II  
Volpe, Samuel E   1923-1998WW IISt. Tobias-Sec A 
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Wales, Kenneth L   1918-2000WW IIWildwood- Sec D 
Walker, Frederick Pvt Co. G 1836-1929Civil WarWildwood-Sec A 
Walsh, George Co H  Civil WarWildwood-Sec A 
Walters, Alvin LNavy  1935-1985Korean WarWildwood-Sec B 
Ward, Delbert WArmySP 4 1934-2005VietnamBeechtree 
Ward, Edward Pvt Co F 359 Inf AEF 1895-1918WW IBeechtree 
Ward, Eugene C   1928-1996WW IIBrandy Camp 
Ward, Jack C Sgt 1926-1971WW IIBrandy Camp 
Ward, Joseph PNavy  1912-1993WW IIBeechtree 
Weidner, William CNvy  1925-1988WW IIBrockport-AboveRd Right 
Weilacher, Fred   1905-1981WW IIWildwood- Sec D 
Weilacher, Norman ANavy  1918-1991WW IIWildwood-Sec B 
Weisner, Jerome J   1911-1984WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Weisner, George   1923-2011WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B 
Weisner, Jerome "Butch"Marine Corp  1940-2005PeacetimeSt. Tobias-Sec New 
Wells, John ANavy  1950-2007VietnamSt. Tobias-Sec C 
Wells, Lewis A   1911-1994WW IIWildwood- Sec D 
Wells, Ralph P PFC 1906-1958WW IIWildwood- Sec D 
Welsh, Fred AArmy  03/02/1923-10/27/2003WW IIBeechwoods 
Welsh, George LNavy  1923-2009WW IIBeechtree 
Westover, Paul A   1959-1979VietnamWildwood- Sec D 
Westover, William HMarine Corp  1924-1995WW IIWildwood- Sec D 
Whelpley, Darrel M Sgt Co B 1992-1945WW IIWildwood- Sec C 
Whelpley, Fred   1932-2003PeacetimeWildwood-Sec B 
Whelpley, Joseph E.   1917-1978Korean WarWildwood- Sec C 
White, DanielArmy  12/29/1945- 2/17/2017PeacetimeBrandy Camp Cem. 
Wiese, Edward W. Pvt 1893-1988WW IBrandy Camp 
Wildfire, Jerome C.Sgt  1919-1994WW IISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Wildnauer, Robert G.   1917-1969WW IIMountain Church 
Wilson, Doyle S T5 1911-1969WW IIWildwood-Sec B 
Wilson, Roy K   1953-2008PeacetimeWildwood-Sec B 
Witz, Andrew   1956-1988PeacetimeWildwood- Sec C 
Woodward, Arthur   1911-1967WW IIBrandy Camp 
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Yale, Edward T.   1919-1992WW IIMountain Church 
Yale, Gerald "Fats"   1923-1984WW IIMountain Church 
Yale, James W.   1925-1990WW IIBrandy Camp 
Yanity, Ralph A.US Coast Guard  6/25/1925- 1/14/2015WW IISt. Tobias 
Yanni,Albert Wm. "Abe"US Navy  4/12/1927- 3/6/2017WW IISt. TobiasServed on USS Macon
Yanni, Anthony T.   1894-1969WW ISt. Tobias-Sec C 
Yonkie, Arthur P.   1920-1995WW IIBrandy Camp 
Yonkie, Clyde H.   -1944WW IIBrandy Camp 
Yonkie, Paul E. T Sgt 1934-1968Korean WarBrandy Camp 
Yorkie, Adolph   1849-1929WW IBrandy Camp 
Yorko, Bernard M.Army  1938-1998PeacetimeSt. Tobias-Sec New 
Young, Lee Edward   1902-1966WW IIWildwood- Sec D 
Youngdahl, Army  1926-12/2/2015WW II  
Youngdahl,Fred H.Marine Corp  1942-2007VietnamWildwood- Sec D 
Youngdahl, NaldaNavy  1924-2014WWIIMorningside 
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Zdroski, Frank   1916-1977WW IISt. Tobias-Sec B
Zimmerman, Clarence   1907-1964WW IIWildwood-Soldier Circle